Special Message to Everyone that prayed for our son!

A heart felt thank you goes out to everyone that prayed and continued to pray for our family doing our saddest days. Thanks for all your cards and gifts of love. They were greatly appreciated. 

To my October son
  "Scott R. Bailey", in heaven, you were with us all this beautiful fall weekend 2010 . I gathered my strength knowing you are with me in spirit and in my heart forever!  

You were dearly missed by your entire family. You will be missed for all the days of our lives ahead! We find comfort in gazing up at the stars and know you are the brightest star of all! 

God Bless all of you! 

Kathryn & Leslie (Beau) Wright, 
Anthony Lanzi
Scott R. W. Bailey
10-28-1994 to  05-13-2010

Millville, NJ. Scott R. W. Bailey, 15, was involved in a  freak accident on his ATV on April 23, 2010 on Rhonda Drive, Millville NJ.  Sadly he was not wearing his helmet . He spent 20 days at C.H.O.P. and thousands of families from all over the world prayed for Scott.  My son  succumbed to his injuries on May 13, 2010 leaving behind his heartbroken family and friends. Scott attended Millville Schools and loved the outdoors. 

Money from donations & portion of proceeds from the S.J. Pumpkin Show 2010-2016 have been/will be donated in loving memory of Scott to college bound students.

Students attending the following high school and colleges have already recievied checks.

Millville Senior High School,

Stockton College,

Hocking College

Ohio University

F.A.U. of Florida

Ohio State University

Thank you all!

Message by Kathryn Bailey-Wright
Written on Jan. 10, 2012. So many ask and want to know the details of what happened to Scott Bailey, my 15 year old son. It’s taken me this long to be able to write about it on paper. 

Scott came home from Memorial High School on April 23, excited about working on his ATV and riding the trails all weekend with his friends. He needed some parts to fix some problems he was having, so he drove it down his family driveway to check the steering. 
Scott was not wearing a helmet! The axle broke, the ATV ceased up, throwing Scott into the payment. The ATV then flipped violently onto his head and chest.  
The injuries were massive and God gave his family time with him to say good bye. The doctors, nurses and staff at Children’s Hospital did everything humanly possible to save his life. His family was so thankful for their support and for the professional care of our son received during those long days and nights. Scott never woke up during all the days he spent at C.H.O.P.
Scott had only ridden his ATV just a few yards from his family home when the accident happened. He was only traveling about 5 MPH and was getting ready to turn around to come back to the garage.

The EMT’s from Millville Rescue Squad arrived within a few minutes and immediately did everything they could to save his life. Scott was flown to Atlantic Care in Atlantic City, and then was transported to C.H.O.P. about 4 hours after his arrival to Atlantic Care. 
There are no words to express the grief and the loss our of beautiful son. His family wanted him with them for a lifetime, but God needed him more. 
I pray for anyone reading this message that you never allow your child to ride a bike, ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike or skate board without protecting their heads with a helmet.
In a matter of just a few seconds, my son’s life and his family life changed forever. 
A change so permanent that nothing can change the outcome of that heart breaking day. 

Missing him dearly, his mother 
Kathryn Wright, his brother Anthony Lanzi, step-father Leslie (Beau) Wright,
 father Scott Bailey, 
Aunts: Frances Sony, Julie Buskirk, Bobbie George, Elizabeth Lynch, Margaret Brunton, Beverly Seymour, grandmothers: Elinor Seymour & Georgeanna Wright, step-brother Damien Wright, 
Uncles, Sony George, Mike, Lon, Steve & Andy Seymour, 
Great Aunt & Uncle Sara & Bill Dodson & Claire Dodson, over thirty cousins and so many of his classmates.

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