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Diablo Sandwich Band
Saturday, October 14th  10:30am to 1:15pm  
The  Diablo Sandwich Band 
mixes together its line up of songs that includes music from the big band to today, with songs from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Everything from rock and roll, to swing, to disco, to dance music, to soul, to reggae, to big band, to Caribbean, to punk, to whatever!!

 So consider the Diablo Sandwich as sort of the Jambalaya of Sandwiches. It is a mix of ingredients, full of authentic flavor and spice. With a down home feel that says, "Leave your formalities at the door and get ready to enjoy yourself"! The Sandwich Band has been serving up good times since 1994, and we're not ready to stop yet! 

The South Jersey Pumpkin Show family & friends welcomes back this amazing 
group of entertainers.​
Acoustic Acrobat
Friday, October 13th  6:00pm to 8:45pm
   Main Stage  
Performing a mix of Folk, Rock, Country and Blues from Classic and Contemporary Songs to Original Music as well. Acoustic Acrobat is from Pleasantville N.J. The band formed 5 years ago. 
 Back then Susan aka Lady M would do somersaults right across the stage  (she fell off twice) and Ron used to do back flips while playing guitar without  missing a chord. Now he's happy just to remember the chords and Lady M 
 uses glasses to remember the lyrics. Actually the band sounds better then ever and their song  catalog is over 100 plus more to come.
Lady M surprises the fans at the South Jersey Pumpkin Show over the years with outstanding costumes created by her. Each one better than the year before.  Come out Friday night and watch the Acoustic Acrobat set the mood for the entire weekend at the Pumpkin Show.


October 14th, Saturday, 1:30pm to 4:30pm

As The Kelsey Coan Band plays out at various venues, they are getting more attention and gaining many followers who love their original music and her unique sound. The band is currently working on remaking some of Kelsey's originals from her first album, as well as all new material created by the entire band as a whole with everyone's own creative spin. They are looking forward to writing new material together!  

Kelsey has been writing more lyrics that still embody the important messages that her previous songs have, yet in a brand new musical way, which will be accompanied by her extraordinarily gifted band members to create a truly amazing CD that will be coming out this year. 
  Pumpkin Show organizers are thrilled to showcase this band on Saturday afternoon at the festival.  
Music is My Life...
       The Lyrics Tell My Story...

KELSEY COAN is a Singer / Songwriter from Southern New Jersey. She has been singing since the age of five and hasn't stopped since.
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